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SDRS Is There When Disaster Strikes

Southeastern Disaster Relief Services was established to aid in the Relief, Recovery, and Restoration of areas affected by Disaster. From the horrific devastation of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana to Hurricane Sandy on the Northeast Coast and numerous tornadoes and floods along the way, SDRS has been there to pick up the pieces and help residents get on the road to recovery.

Disaster Assistance

Our team organizes quickly and efficiently and had a proven track record of proving relief under immense pressure and short deadlines.

Debris Removal

Our goal is to get people on the road to rebuilding by quickly removing and hauling the debris away from the area of devastation.


SDRS provides temporary housing and repairs or renovations to damaged properties.


We work with local community efforts to get members in a comfortable living space and restore a sense of normalcy by providing resources to get them back to work.

Our Mission

Our goal is to restore communities and help individuals find a sense of normalcy after a natural disaster affects their community. We deploy teams immediately to begin cleanup and open the path to restoration and rebuilding. Our people are trained to work efficiently in areas of disaster to remove debris and destruction.

About SDRSOur Proejcts

The Areas We Serve

SDRS works closely with prime contractors who are pre-positioned throughout the North and Southeast to keep our response time fast and efficient.

  • New York
  • Lousiana
  • North Carolina
  • Alabama
  • New Jersey
  • Mississippi
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

We’re Here to Help

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